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HeatSlave is a great new product developed to keep your house, holiday home, business premises, and boat at the right temperature. No more burst pipes and damaged property.

The HeatSlave and GateSlave product ranges were originally developed by us, in VVS, for use in remote locations (specifically on cellular antennae sites in the USA and Canada). GateSlave allows the monitoring of access and HeatSlave the monitoring of temperatures. Previous to the development of these products sites would have had their heating on timers and/or be attached to analog devices controlling the systems. Both of which proved expensive and unreliable. With HeatSlave once a site’s temperature reaches a pre-set level, a warning is sent to an authorised person. This person can then turn on the heating or air conditioning with a simple phone call.

We have now used this technology and created a product for the domestic market - Download Brochure

Buy Now

  • HeatSlave Baby€185.00 plus VAT - Turn your heating on and off with your phone - ideal for day to day use in your family home
  • HeatSlave Baby Plus€205.00 plus VAT - Turn your heating on and off with your phone AND get temperature reports by text.
  • HeatSlave €250.00 plus VAT - Turn your heating on and off with your phone, get temperature reports by text AND get warning messages by text when temperature deviates from set parameters e.g. if house gets too cold you will get a text message so you can then dial and turn on the heating. Ideal for holiday homes, boats etc.

How it works

  • About Heatslave

    HeatSlave works with any heating system, allowing you turn on/off your heating with a free phone call.

  • How it HelpsHeatSlave monitors the temperature in your home sending you a warning.

  • Save MoneyHeatSlave allows you to turn on your heating only when and if you need it. No more wasted energy.